Welcome! We are very pleased to introduce you to Bikram Hot Yoga in Munich.

Bikram Hot Yoga is one of the most popular and favourite kinds of yoga. There are over 1000 studios worldwide. Finally, we have the Bikram Yoga in the centre of Munich. A Bikram class takes 90 minutes and is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga Asanas exercises which are practised in a room of 38 degrees celcius.

The heat is good for your body. Your muscles and tendons will safely stretch in the hot room therefore the risk of getting hurt is minimal. You will quickly notice the positive effect on your movement, your body will benefit from detoxification and your mental wellbeing will improve.

If you have back pain, rheumatism, disc or knee problems, you will feel stronger because of the Bikram Hot Yoga. If you want to lose weight the Bikram Hot Yoga is also recommended.

It is important for you to know the following:

You don’t need previous knowledge or experience to join Bikram Hot Yoga.

Age and fitness is not relevant, everybody may join anytime.

The speed of your personal success depends on you. The state of your body is not important, your time and your motivation are necessary for practicing your Yoga.

In our Bikram-Hot Yoga Im Tal studio we have the added value of the therapeutic effect from the Yoga on your body. We are the founders of the studio and we are also alternative healing practitioners. This combination has a huge advantage for you and your wellbeing.

We happily welcome you to the Bikram Hot Yoga im Tal am Marienplatz in München.

Bookings/Reservations which aren’t cancelled 12 hours before still count as attended.

Visit our Healing Practitce site www.heilpraktiker-massage.de

Are you interested to know more about the Bikram Hot Yoga?

Here are a few valuable tips that you will need to know: be early, the best time is 20 minutes before the class so that you can ask questions at the Reception and look around the studio.

Special Introduction card 10 days for 25 EUR. Valid for 10 successive days. Valid for beginners.